About MeWho is this Arthesian?

Who am I?

Hiya, I'm Enne van Ziel. As a full-time backend webdeveloper I build the foundation of webapplications and the backend of websites.

Ever since I was young, I have been intrigued by the Computer and Internet. It started with just entertainment and games, but after some years, I developed an interest for how everything worked and started programming.

I started out with VBScripts, but soon turned to C# and WinForms. As Time went on I moved from WinForms to ASP.NET because I felt that webapplications made much more sense in this day and age (and would in the future) than desktop applications do. I have also worked with PHP scripts for personal projects, but it never grew on me like C# did. Currently I work at Booking.com (in Amsterdam) as a SAP Front End Developer working on in-house finance webapplications.

My online alias is 'Arthesian' -- as you might have figured already.'

My HobbiesBesides webdevelopment...

Series/ Moviesbasically just anime...

I'm a veteran when it comes to watching Japanese animation series ( Anime ). Every season I try to watch as many series as possible ( with the time available ). Some of you might not think of that as a hard task....but it is. Currently I have watched over 400 titles, and the counter is still adding up! If you want to see in detail which series I have watched and what my ratings are, look at My Anime List ( MAL ):

MAL : Arthesian

GamesDerping online with friends...

Surely, I also play games. Most frequently I play League of Legends with friends online or OSU ( this is the background video playing ) by myself. League of Legends is an online MOBA 5v5 teamgame, whereas OSU is a music driven rythm single-player game. Although I'm not very good at either game, I enjoy playing them a lot. Below are 2 links that show some information about my stats in both games. My gamer tag is ( as you'd expect ) "Arthesian".

Leage of Legends : ArthesianOSU : Arthesian

Arthesian's PortfolioSo...what have I made?( besides this site )

OSU-ON( work in progress )

OSU-ON is a work-in-progress project, that is based on the desktop game "Osu!".

It was my first HTML5 canvas webapplication. And also the first ever large scale javascript game I ever build.Till this very day, it's still not finished... and probably never will be. But it was a very fun project to work on and I still work on it from time to time to test new features for canvas related optimalisations.

This is an image of the 'main menu' of the web version I made. It uses audio processing and a lot of Canvas elementsto render this image to the browser. I still managed to get 144FPS running quite smoothly, whilst not using the WebGL api ( because it was still in the very early stages when I started this project ). It required some heavy optimilisation to get a reliable frame rate. But hey, that's the whole challange...

You can try it yourself here :

NOTE: it might give a certificate error if the SSL certificat expires -- sorry!


If i did not break it in the meantime...

Wallpaper Engine( HTML5/JS Visualizer )

Wallpaper Engine is an program available on Steam, that can turn your windows desktop backgroundinto practically anything. Because it provides the tools to set an application, or website as the background of your desktop. I have used this program to create several Audio Visualizers for users. So they can enjoy a moving desktop background, when listening to their favourite music.

Here are some links to Visualizers I have made ( you can watch preview video's to see how they work )

Rainbow Visualizer BlocksCustomizable Module Visualizer

Anime Calendar App

Anime Calendar App was one of the first 'real' desktop applications I built using WinForms.The purpose of the application was to show all airing Anime Series of a particular day, where the user could select if he had seen an episode or not. The application could also show detailed information about series like for example a synopsis of the story, and the intro/outro videos ( using the YouTube api ).

The app got all it's information from an SQL database, which in turn got it's data from AnimeCalendar.net.It was a project where I learned a lot about Windows Applications. I later turned it into a website and Windows8 App as well.

3D Models

As my interest started with Games and Entertaint, it was only a matter of time before I'd develop an interest for 3D modelling. I used to dream of becoming a game developer. And spend days creating 3D models in Maxon's Cinema4D.The Hummer above is just one example of the many cars I have made using this software.

Below is a link to my DeviantArt account ( which is outdated ) where you can find more 3D renders I have made.

DeviantArt Gallery

Tools I use The tools I work with( or have experience working with )

Visual Studio (Code)Can't write code without an editor...

Visual Studio is my go-to editor for C# ofcourse. For Webdevelopment ( Javascript/ Html/ Css/ TypeScript)I use Visual Studio Code. It is one of the best light-weight editors I have used :)

Visual Studio Code

IISThose websites need to run somewhere?

This site is running from an IIS webserver I configured myself. I used to use XAMP to host my PHP projectsbut since most of my projects don't use PHP anymore, and I want to run C# based webapplications...IIS is the way to go.


UmbracoThe go-to CMS for C# websites

Umbraco is a free C# .NET CMS for building websites with an Content Management System backend. I have worked with Umbracofor almost 3 years now, and have come to like it a lot. I'm a certified Umbraco Developer.

Umbraco CMS

PhotoshopFor all the nice images

Photoshop skills for editing images is a must these days. Although It might not always be 'Photoshop', but alternativeslike Corel PaintShop Pro.


AegisubFor fansubbing purposes

Aegisub is a software that enabled you to easily create subtitles for video content.I have used this in the past, because it was a hobby of mine to create 'fan-made' subtitles for Opening and Ending themes of TV Series. I learned a lot by doing so, because although it might not look that difficult, if you want to create fancy effect you will need to do so by coding in LUA ( script ).


GitKrakenYou've got to manage code

GitKraken is my go-to program to manage my projects. I previously used Source-Tree as my default git application, but I have switched to GitKraken because of it's sleek looks and comprehensible branch management.

A developer that is not familiar with .Git source control, might as well be limping forwards...


My SkillsSo...what can I do?

Below are several techniques, programming languages and other skills supplied with a rating of how comfortable I am with those set of skills

C# (.NET) backend development
TypeScript HTML5 canvas application
HTML(5) / CSS(3) page constructing
PHP Development
English (written and spoken)

You can find some Projects of mine on the projects page. There you can find which techniques I have used during the development process and how they where used.

Contact meHow to spam me through various channels ;)